How to Remove SpeedUpMyPC 2014 (Uninstall instruction)!!


SpeedUpMyPC 2014


Threat Type Browser Redirect, Push notifications ads, UnwantedPop-up ads
Symptoms Seeing advertisements not originating from the sites you are browsing. Intrusive pop-up ads. Decreased Internet browsing speed.
Distribution Deceptive pop-up ads, potentially unwanted applications (adware), Spam/Junk emails, exploit kits, social engineering, freeware, software cracks, suspicious URLs, malicious attachments.
Damage Decreased computer performance, browser tracking – privacy issues, possible additional malware infections.
Manual Removal SpeedUpMyPC 2014 can be removed via manually, but it can be a very hard process. Check out thorough the complete virus removal guide below for more details.
Easy Removal To eliminate SpeedUpMyPC 2014 our malware researchers recommend scanning your computer with Spyhunter.

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Skip below given steps and download SpyHunter which can safely scan and remove all harmful files on your computer as it detects.

Remove SpeedUpMyPC 2014 Virus and Restore SpeedUpMyPC 2014 Files

SpeedUpMyPC 2014 (developed by Uniblue Systems Limited) is a Rogue antivirus software that gets on your computer as bundled software when you download and install other free software from the Internet. it is a paid system performance optimizer program that usually comes to your PC with free software using pay-per-install bundling marketing method. When SpeedUpMyPC 2014 is installed on your computer, it runs behind on Windows Start-up and asks user to enter (buy) a serial key to activate the program.

On other hand, the SpeedUpMyPC 2014 looks as legitimate, but if you want to fix the issues found, then the program demands from you to buy the full version in order to continue. So a user may not be aware why with every computer start a blue window appears on desktop doing an automatic PC diagnosis without any consent. In case that you don’t want to buy “SpeedUpMyPC” and you want to remove the program from your computer, then follow the instructions given below:

WARNING! Manual removal of SpeedUpMyPC 2014 Virus requires being familiar with system files and registries. Deleting any important data accidentally can serious cause to deadly system damage. If you aren’t have technical skill, feel uncomfortable with manual instructions, download a powerful anti-malware tool that will scan your system for malware and clean it safely for you.

DOWNLOAD SpeedUpMyPC 2014 Removal Tool

SpyHunter is a powerful windows application developed by enigmasoft group to scan for, identify, remove and block malware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and other stuffs. By purchasing the full version, you will be able to remove detected malware quickly. Know more about SpyHunter / How to uninstall SpyHunter

SpeedUpMyPC 2014 Virus – Manual Removal Steps

Step 1: Open the Computer in Safe Mode with Network

This will separate all files and objects created by the SpeedUpMyPC 2014 so they will be eliminated efficiently. The steps given below are applicable to all version of Windows.

1. Hit themicrosoft-iconWIN Key + R

2. A Run window will appear. In it, write msconfig and then press Enter

3. A Configuration box will appear. In it select the tab named Boot

4. Check Safe Boot option and move to Network under it to tick it too

5. Apply >> OK

Remove SpeedUpMyPC 2014 from Windows

Here’s a way to remove the program. This method will work either if you’re on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows Xp. Simply choosing the program as well as pressing delete won’t work, as it put a lot of bug files. That’s bad because these leftovers can linger on and cause many sorts of issues. The best way to get rid of a program is to uninstall it. Let’s see how you can do it:

1. Press the “Windows” + “R” button. You’ll see a pop-up window like this.


2. In the textbox, write “appwiz.cpl”, then Hit“ Enter ”.


3. You ‘ll see “Programs and Features” menu should now appear. Here, is a list of all the installed programs on the computer. Here you can find the unwanted program, select it, and press “Uninstall“.remove-virus-infection-control-panel-programs-features-windows

Remove SpeedUpMyPC 2014 From Your Browser

Before resetting your browser’s settings, you ought to understand that this action can wipe out all of your pre saved usernames, passwords, and other types of data. Make sure to save them in some way.

Internet Explorer

1. Start Internet Explorer. Go to “Tools” menu and Choose “Manage add-ons“.


2. In “Manage add-ons” Window. Choose “Toolbars and Extensions“ in “Add-on Types“. If you view a suspicious toolbar, select it and click “Remove“.


3. Here again in the “Manage Add-ons” Window, Select “Search Providers“ in “Add-on Types“ section. Find a search engine and click on “Set as default“. In the unknown search engine and click “Remove and Close”.3-internet-explorer-removal-browser-hijacker-removevirusinfection

4. Open the Tools menu, choose “Internet Options”.


5. In the “General” tab, in “Home page”, enter your preferred page i.e. Click “Apply” and “OK”.


Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox. In the upper right corner, click on the horizontal menu icon and select “Add-ons“.


2. Inside the Add-ons Manager choose“Extensions“. you ‘ll see the list of extensions for suspicious entries. If you find any among them, then click “Remove“.


3. Again, Click on Open menu icon, then Hit “Options“.


4. inside “Options” window, under “General” tab, click “Restore to Default“.


5. Select “Search” in the left menu, checkmark the Unknown Search Engine and Click “Remove”.


Google Chrome

1. Start Google Chrome. Click on “Settings“, at the upper-right section, “Customize and Control” menu icon.


2. Click “Extensions” in the left menu. Then Hit the trash bin icon to remove the suspicious extension.


3. In the Chrome left menu , Click on “Settings“. Go under “On Startup” section and “Set Pages”.


4. Go to “Search“ section, Hit “Manage search engines“.


5. In the default search settings list, check the unknown search engine and click on “X“. After that select your search engine of choice and click “Make Google Chrome the default browser“. If you’re ready click “Done” button in the right bottom corner.

Repair Windows Registry

1. Again type the WIN Key + R key together

2. In the box, type reg-edit and press Enter

3. Type the CTRL+ F and then type the malicious name in the search type field to locate the malicious executable

4. In case you have find registry keys and values similar to the SpeedUpMyPC 2014, you should delete them, but be careful not to delete genuine keys.

Click for more information about Windows Registry and further repair help

Preventive Security Measures

>> Enable and properly configure your Firewall.
>> Install and maintain powerful anti-malware software.
>> Safe & Secure your web browser.
>> Check daily for available software updates and apply them.
>> Disable macros in Office documents.
>> Use strong passwords.
>> Do not open attachments or click on suspicious links unless you’re certain they’re safe.
>> Backup regularly your data.

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